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I have had the pleasure of Catherine accompanying me twice to Cuba. On both trips she brings with her sincere enthusiasm and desire to create new and interesting imagery. They are photographs that imbue the spirit of people and the place they inhabit. Looking at her images, we feel her intent. That is what photography is all about.

       -- Arthur Meyerson



Shooting alongside Cat in Cuba gave me an insight into the way she approaches her subjects, whether they be organic or inanimate. To be sure, I have witnessed firsthand her sitting in the streets during a weekend market talking to a group of boys while taking their picture; then sharing it with them in mutual laughter.


Although the term ‘Lifestyle’ conjures up memories long gone as an advertising and corporate photographer, in this context I can safety say that it doesn’t reflect any commercial connotation as far as her work is concerned.


Indeed, Cat has a knack of capturing the people as they were in the past, are in the present, and will be in the future. They are timeless images of a wonderful country filled with warm endearing people; I, for one, enjoy looking at them.


As far as inanimate subject matter, Cat has a good sense of design, light, and spatial relationships, and the ability to portray the essence of life in Cuba in a single photograph.

       --Joe Baraban



Catherine’s work allows us to visit Cuba and travel with her across the island. Through her images we are granted access into both grand vistas and quiet personal scenes.  Moments of reflection and moments of action are woven together to convey a sense of the truly unconquerable spirit of the Cuban people.

       -- Jennifer Spelman



Yes I was very impressed and excited to see your beautiful work and commitment!!  God Bless you for helping Cuba through your hard work to get help from many sources but more importantly for caring and loving their people. We know we can’t fix the world but we should try to help the lesser fortunate people in the world

       --Enrique Gandara



Wow, it's wonderful seeing how your Cuba photos are leading from one opportunity to the next! I spent some time visiting your web site a few days ago but haven't really had a free moment to reflect and write back until now.


The work is really lovely, Cat! I recognize a shot or two from places where we were shooting at the same time. Had several wish-I'd-taken-that-photo moments.

      --Andrew Child



You captured the grit, humor, life that is Cuba in all its glory
and challenges.

       --Oscar Mireles



I know the various audiences enjoyed the presentations. The next day I ran into one of my former students who had attended the 11 a.m. presentation, so I asked her if she liked it. She said she did because you were so "real", describing the "real Cuba", not necessarily the picture post card version. Plus she liked the respect you showed the people.

       -- Andrea Byrum



Your photographs capture such spirit and the work you have done saving lives and building futures is a true gift to your community. You are amazing! Thank you!!

      --Judith Kirkwood



Your exhibit is phenomenal! The subjects and objects and homes and streets and more ... of Cuba tells an interesting story for those of us who have not yet visited there. Thank you for sharing and "introducing" me to the people in your photographs.

       --Marlene Strauss Barmish




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